K05 - Organic Fertilizer 800g (NPK: 6:6:6) Made from Corn

K05 - Organic Fertilizer 800g (NPK: 6:6:6) Made from Corn


Composition: Nitrogen 6%, Phosphorus 6%, Potassium 6%

Derived from feed-grade corn starch fermentation, this pure, natural, and water-soluble Organic Corn Fertilizer is safe for indoor potted plants and home vegetable gardens. Enriched with a large amount of good proteins, amino acids, and rich carbohydrates, it promotes soil microorganism reproduction, enhancing the color of your plants. The balanced mix of the essential elements - nitrogen phosphorus, and potassium - makes it suitable for all plants. No gardening or planting experience is needed. 

Use as directed for robust, vibrant plants.

Method of application: Beneficial natural mold may develop in this 100% organic fertilizer. For optimal use, bury it 2-3cm in the soil.

Usage: for each 10cm diameter area.

Pot Diameter (cm) Liquid Usage
Powder Usage (g)
100ml water with 5g Powder
15-18 150ml water with 5g Powder 15
21-24 200ml water with 5g Powder 20