Herbs- PR40 Rosemary (80 Seeds)
Herbs- PR40 Rosemary (80 Seeds)
Herbs- PR40 Rosemary (80 Seeds)
Herbs- PR40 Rosemary (80 Seeds)

Herbs- PR40 Rosemary (80 Seeds)


PR40 Rosemary (80 Seeds)

Perennial, herbaceous, ornamental culinary herb valued for its unique flavor and medicinal properties. Grows as hardy evergreen sub-shrub, 50-100cm (19.6-39.3in) tall with tiny leaves rich in essential oil. Contains a warm, peppery, slightly bitter flavor and intense aroma, going well with a wide variety of dishes, including meat, eggs, salads, drinks, herbal tea, and many others. Forms small light blue flowers that are borne in April or May, in loose clusters that spring from the leaf axils. The foliage is white ad wooly on the underside and dark and shiny above. Can last for years if given winter protection. Rich in soothing, anti-inflammatory, digestive properties. Suitable for growing outside, potted inside on windowsills, balconies, etc. Rosemary is a great companion plant to sage, cabbage, beans, carrots, and thyme. It repels the bean beetle, deters cabbage flies, and repels many bean parasites. Do not plant near basil. Its fragrant flowers attract bees, butterflies, and birds.


Growing: Planting season: During the dry season in a tropical climate, indoors with controlled temp.

Soil: Dry, light, well drained, alkaline soil with a pH of 6-7.5.

Sowing depth: 0.4in (1cm) deep.

Spacing: 18-24in (45-61cm) apart.

Light: Full sun.

Watering: Moderate.

Fertilizing: Optional. 

Germination: Within 15-25 days.