Sustee Aqua meter (S size- White) (For 6-9cm Pots)

Sustee Aqua meter (S size- White) (For 6-9cm Pots)


If you are a plant retailer, you probably know how much work it is to take care of the potted plants on display. Quite a lot of inventory damage has in fact occurred due to inadequate watering in retail settings.


Sustee can come to your rescue and clearly show when to water the plants, so even inexperienced employees will make no mistakes. Proper watering is sure to keep in-store plants looking fresh and in their prime.


Watering is the biggest concern for those buying potted plants. Why not offer them a plant together with a SusteeAquameter as a clever accompaniment to relieve their concerns?


Not only can Sustee support in-store plant care, it can also be a value added complement to be bundled and retailed with a potted product.

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