HB-101 Natural Plant Vitalizer 100ml

HB-101 Natural Plant Vitalizer 100ml



  • Extracts from cedar, cypress, pine and plaintain.
  • HB-101 is natural, and not chemical, so every colour and scent of HB-101 is different.

How to Use

Use from 1000 to 100,000 times' dilution in water (1 or 2 drops to 1litre of water).

  • Sprinkle HB-101 (1000 to 100,000 times' dilution) on soil from once to 3 times between harvest and next replant.
  • Dip seeds into HB-101 (1000 times' dilution) for 12h (Beans should be dipped just for a moment and leafy vegetables for 3h).
  • Sprinkle HB-101 (1000 times' dilution) on the ground just before seeding and replanting.
  • Sprinkle HB-101 (1000 times' dilution) 3 times on seedlings
  • HB-101is used once a week or two weeks (applied to soil and leaves)
  • In case of hydroponic cultivation, HB-101 is used 100,000 times dilution in water.

Benefits of HB-101

  • Revitalize your plant (for better plant health)
  • Increase the lifespan of flowers
  • Better harvest yield
  • Cost-effective inthe long run
  • Reduce usage of chemicals yet better plant quality
  • Soil conditioner (increase in beneficial microorganisms)
  • Natural pest repellant (Contains Pinen)
  • Efficient absorption of NPK from the soil
  • Harmless to animals, environment and 100% natural
  • Can be used for hydroponic culture
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