Our gentlest fertiliser ever   
  1. What
    A natural ffertiliser made with the help of earthworms

  2. Why
    Improves seed germination and disease resistance
    Increases crop yield for edible plants.

    Available in 2.5L


Result (± 10%)

pH Value (1:5)


Electrical Conductivity (EC)


Total Nitrogen (as N)


Total Phosphorus (P205) 


Total Potassium (as K20)


Organic Matter


   Worm Casting   

OGL VERMICAST is an Organic VermiCompost end product from the process of composting Earthworms’ humus.

OGL Vermicast is rich in Humic Acids, nutrients and gentle to plants. Its Organic matters and neutral pH are ideal for Vermicompost to be used with potting soil. It stabilise the soil pH, detoxify chemicals and heavy metals in the soil. The ability to retain water and its beneficial contents of Nitrogen (N), Phosphourus (P), Potassium (K) and microbial nutrients increase and improve germination rate and growth rate.

OGL Vermicast can be used as soil enhancer for existing planting activities. It improves the soil structure, root development and increases the nutrients intake, stimulate Aeration and Microbial activities that promote healthy living soil for all plant types.

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