Vegetables- VL3 Bok Choy (300-400 seeds)

Vegetables- VL3 Bok Choy (300-400 seeds)


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VL3 Bok Choy (300-400 seeds)

Specialty bok choy that is extremely popular among the gardeners. This fast growing variety has curled, glossy, dark green leaves with short, thick white petioles. Sweet, crisp, juicy flavour. Can be grown year round in tropical climate. A miniature, intensely nutritious and flavourful version of bok choy. Used mainly in stir- fries and soups, it can also be braised or steamed to be eaten fresh. Perfect for microgreens, baby-leaf and full maturity. Matures in 30-40 days.

Growing: Year round in tropical climate; in temperate climates start the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior the last frost and transplant outdoors when the all danger of frost has passed. 

Soil: Prepare fertile, well-drained, rich and loose garden soil. Ideal soil pH 6-7.

Sowing depth: 6-13mm deep, 2.5cm apart.

Watering: Keep the soil moist, but not wet.

Light: Choose bright, sunny location with 5-8h of light a day. During hot summer months provide some shade. 

Fertilizing: Fuel fast growth with an early application of fertilizer.