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OGL Humi Soil 5L



HumiSoil® is an organically based product in which the biological reactions which result in the formation of humus have already been started. This pre-fostering of humus allows you to speed up the natural process of humus formation in your soil. HumiSoil® is a fully mature top-soil enhancer made from totally organic inputs that contain high levels of humic materials together with a range of beneficial microbial activity.

HumiSoil® is made using the Groundswell® continuous fermentation process pioneered by VRM®. In this process, a range of microbes works to convert raw organic matter of many types into a product that has many of the characteristics of topsoil. An important part of this conversion activity is Bacterial Photosynthesis. Microbes responsible for bacterial photosynthesis thrive in the Groundswell® process and foster the fixation and mobilization of additional carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and numerous trace elements from their environment.

Benefits and Contents

1. A Microbial Incubator

HumiSoil® acts as a cosseting media which allows the establishment of important soil cultures in otherwise difficult circumstances. These organisms are responsible for fixing carbon and feeding energy, nutrients, and water into the soil profile. 

2. Promoting beneficial fungi

HumiSoil® assists in the development of a range of beneficial fungi species that provide an antibiotic support to plants as well as performing important functions in the formation of soil particles and in the development of nutrient transfer cultures around the roots of plants.

3. A water reservoir

HumiSoil® contains bacteria that manufacture water. Additionally, HumiSoil® fosters humus development in the soil which in turn helps to absorb and store moisture.

HumiSoil® supports the development of naturally healthy soil. Healthy soil microbes have been linked with reduced incidence of disease outbreak as well as with much more efficient nutrient transfer to plants. 

Content                                                                                                   Result (± 10%)

 pH Value (1:5) 7.1
Electrical Conductivity (EC) 0.77mS/cm
Total Nitrogen (as N) 1.77%
Total Phosphorous (P205) 1.44%
Total Potassium (as K20) 0.64%
Organic Matter 36.8%