Soil Amendments   


A granule is formed with a concertina-like structure, which contains a lot of air pockets. These air pockets are the main features, which makes vermiculite useful to horticulture.



- harmless to the environment
- a natural product
- has a high water retaining capacity

- structure contains a lot of air

- improves absorption of virtal nutrients


Size: 2-6mm
From: Holland



Light, grainy granular, which is made of natural vulcanic rock by building up a cell structure with the influence of heat.



- completely environmentally friendly
- no dust-accumulation
- pH-neutral and inert

- Lightens soil

- improve water drainage



Size: 2-6mm
From: Germany



   Red Lava (Volcano Rock)  

A very light and porous volcanic rock



- great for succulents and cacti
- prevents root rot
- does not attract fungi or insects

- improves soil's structure


Size: 5-10mm
From: Indonesia



Red lava rock is a lightweight and porous volcanic rock with a burgundy red color.


- increases resistance to pests and diseases
- suppresses weed growth
- improves plant root system

- enhanced crop/ flower yields

Size: 5-8mm



   Peat Moss   

- retained moisture allows for less frequent watering
- gentle for seedling transplating
- adds little weight to hanging plants

- retains moisture and nutrients




- enhanced crop/ flower yields
- boosts plant's immune system
- retains nutrients inside soil

- best used with OGL Compost


From: Malaysia​


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