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Humisoil® 5L


HumiSoil® is an organically based product in which the biological reactions which result in the formation of humus have already been started. This pre-fostering of humus allows you to speed up the natural process of humus formation in your soil. HumiSoil® is a fully matured top-soil enhancer made from totally organic inputs which contains high levels of humic materials together with a range of beneficial microbial activity.


HumiSoil® is made using the Groundswell® continuous fermentation process pioneered by VRM®. In this process a range of microbes work to convert raw organic matter of many types into a product which has many of the characteristics of topsoil. An important part of this conversion activity is Bacterial Photosynthesis. Microbes responsible for bacterial photosynthesis thrive in the Groundswell® process and foster the fixation and mobilisation of additional carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and numerous trace elements from their environment.