PlanterCell® 130 is our premium green roof modular tray system with a good balance of water storage capacity to reduce irrigation needs and can also be used as part of rain water management to reduce peak flow. For sites with space constraint in planting, this tray allow for off-site pre-planting. It has a high compressive strength to accommodate human traffic. Single plants within the tray allows for easy changes in layout and design.

The tray, a single piece injection moulding, is designed with 4 compartments of 16 cells each, acting as reservoirs with water storage capacity of approx. 32.8 l/m² to nourish plants via capillary action resulting in reduced irrigation needed. It also incorporates a water leveling feature to distribute water evenly within the tray and a drainage system together with raised legs to prevent water logging. Male/female interlocking system at the sides of the tray allows the trays to be laid out securely to form a platform for planting.

The system consist of the tray, PlanterCell® Planting Mix and Insu® Felt as a separation layer between the planting media and the cells to prevent clogging of the reservoirs.

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