Composting Worms   

Earthworms are commonly found living in the soil where it contributes to good soil health by feeding on live and dead organic matter. By consuming soil as they burrow, the earthworm extracted nutrients from the dead organic matter (such as decomposing roots, leaves and manure) and mixes the soil by transferring these minerals and nutrients to the surface via their waste.


In addition, it was found that the extracted minerals and nutrients that were contained in the excrement of earthworms were altered in a way such that plants could easily use them.


It is also generally known among farmers that the presence of earthworms in the soil indicates that their soil is of superior quality, which these soil have numerous positive effects on plant growth and crop production. As the earthworm only requires a dark and moist environment with ample supply of food to eat, they are considered to be one of nature’s ideal fertilizers due to their ability to improve soil health, and having only few limitations towards their living environment.


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